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Get Packing! – A Simple Plan When You’re Ready to Sell

Thinking about $elling? We all know you need to declutter, clean and pack – but where to start? How long should it take? And how do you keep living there during the whole process?

Here are some helpful tips!
1. Purge, pack and donate as soon as you decide to sell. It’s time to say good bye to those boxes that have been sitting in your garage, closets and even under the bed for years! 

2. Do you need all of those family photos and collectibles on display? No, time to pack them up. Less is more when you want to sell!

3. Create an inventory of your belongings. Take some quick photos of your rooms, what’s in drawers and closets for reference when you move to your new home.

4. Organize and label as you pack. For security reasons, we do not recommend writing on the box everything that is in it. Label boxes by room & snap a shot of its contents. Purchase something as simple as a spiral notebook to create a catalogue of what is in each box. Or download a home inventory app which lets you upload photos and information.

5. Create a donation pile. Don’t forget to snap a shot of these too – it will come in handy for your taxes.

Here’s a simple Purging and Packing Plan:
1. Start with areas of the home you are not living in or using regularly such as the garage, storage room, basement and living room / dining room. Think about outside areas, too, like patios and decks. A cleaned out garage or storage area will open up space to put all the boxes as they begin to pile up. Timeframe: 2 – 3 days

2. Bonus rooms and bedrooms are next. Create a “daily box” for items you need every day – then pack the rest. As for clothing – as Marie Kondo says – “Does it spark joy?” If no, donate. If yes, “Can I live without it for a month?” If yes, pack. Timeframe: 2-5 days

3. As many of us are working more from home, offices are next. Wherever it is, it’s time to pack up the items you don’t need every day to function. Timeframe: 1 day

4. Bathrooms come next. Again, create a “daily box” for everyone in the household. Pack the rest! Timeframe: 1 day

5. Then onto the kitchen. Create a simple kit with pots, pans, utensils, plates and cups you need for every day. Pack the rest! The same goes for your pantry – and now’s a good time to toss the “expired” spices, cans & jars of stuff! And all those plastic take out containers – if you’re not using them to pack small items – we think you know what to do with them! Timeframe: 2-3 days

Once you have most of your home purged and items packed, it’s time to take all the donations to your local charities or call for a pick up.

One last step is a nice deep clean. Touch up paint and areas you feel need a refresher – don’t forget outside landscaping too!

Now you’re ready for the For Sale sign!

For help on any of these or to find out what your home is worth, contact us today at 908-672-2055.

Interesting fact – it takes approximately 100 -120 boxes to pack a typical 4 bedroom home!

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